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JapanAid provides Real Time Interpretation and Concierge Services to make your stay in Japan easy and memorable.

With JapanAid you can enjoy services like Intepretation, Guide service while your stay in Japan, Rental Phone, mobile internet access, paper based translation, etc.

Multi-purpose Service: You can utilize the service for a wide variety of purposes. You can get travel tips and information and tickets to upcoming events. If you are on a business trip you can utilize the interpretation services in business meetings or to get directions to the place where the meeting will be held. JapanAid's service can also be invaluable in emergency situations such as car accidents or visits to the hospital.

Efficient Service: We offer speedy and relevant information and updates with a “human touch”. Using Computer Telephony Integration Technology (CTI), we make sure that you are connected to a guide or interpreter best suited to your requirements and situation.

Real-Time Interpretation: We provide travel information and interpretation services in real-time.

On-the-Go Service: With a cellular phone, you will never feel lost or helpless in Japan again. Wherever you go, JapanAid will be there to assist you.

Cellular Phone Rental: If you don't have a cellular phone we will rent one to you at very low price. You can also make and receive international phone calls with the rental phone.

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