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"When you travel or go to live overseas, you find yourself as a stranger there as you can't speak or understand their language. You get stuck to know for any information, direction or guidance you need. So, whenever you visit to a foreign country, it is always good to have someone who can speak your and the native language and to ask for help without any hesitation." - It is this aim with which the company started.

Saruwatari Kazuhide, CEO & President, of JapanAid started the company in February 1998 with a view of providing concierge service to the foreigners visiting Japan to break-away their barrier of knowing Japanese language. Later on with its fast development, JapanAid started a host of other services like Rental Phone, Guide service, mobile internet, interpretation and many others for its customers to make their visit to Japan easy & memorable.

We have more than 70 interpreters waiting to serve you with their outstanding language skills. When you call our service, our system will search our database for the staff member best suited to your needs and situation. JapanAid staff members go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they are fully capable of meeting your unique needs. Most of them possess advanced degrees and certifications or vast experience in their language(s) of expertise. Our staff members also sign a strict confidentiality agreement which ensures that your sensitive information will not be comprised.