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What is JapanAid?

Have you ever been in trouble in Japan because of the language barrier? Are you a first-time visitor to Japan who is apprehensive about getting lost and having no one to ask for directions? Who do you ask for help if you are alone in Japan?

JapanAid will help you with these types of concerns and more. As a JapanAid member you can pick up the phone, dial our service number, and be connected to an expert staff member fluent in your language.

Our staff members can help you get directions if you are lost, and provide interpreter services in emergency medical situations. They can also recommend interesting places to visit or exciting events in the area you are visiting. If you are a resident in Japan using JapanAid's service will enable you to participate in activities that were inaccessible before due to the language-barrier. JapanAid can make all your language related difficulties in Japan disappear.